Earth Day 2010 – Where’s Your Beer Brewed?

Goose Island and the Green Line Project

In 2009, Goose Island and the City of Chicago worked with the Chicago Manufacturing Center to uncover the carbon footprint of one keg of beer from their brewery.  The report (full report here) broke down the carbon footprint to production of malted barley (44%), energy used during the brewing process (42%), delivery and refrigeration costs (12%) and waste from hop production (2%).

Goose Island took what it learned from the study to develop initiatives in their brewing processes and changes in their brewery culture to lessen their carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

One of the Green Line Project initiatives was the production of a new beer to raise awareness.  The Green Line Pale Ale (5% abv) is a honey colored American pale ale with a subtle hop aroma with a lightly toasted malt and citrus flavor.  It’s available only on draft in Chicago to reduce packaging waste and the impact from transportation and refrigeration over long distances.  If you haven’t noticed the light-colored wood taps (made from wood reclaimed from ash trees killed by the emerald ash borer in Wilmette, IL) at your favorite Chicago bar,  here’s a list of bars that are currently pouring Green Line.

So, with today being Earth Day, we ask you  – where is your beer brewed?



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