Half Acre Brewery Tour

With all the buzz around the great craft beer coming out of Half Acre, a trip to check out the facilities was long overdue.  We emailed the info address from their site and none other than Gabriel Magliaro (owner/founder) replied to confirm our spot on the tour.

Gabriel passionately led the Saturday afternoon tour in front of dozens of eager beer lovers (which on this day included his parents).

They kept the beer flowing throughout the tour.  We enjoyed sipping the brews they had on tap – Daisy Cutter, Over Ale and Gossamer.  Unfortunately, I spoke too soon before the tour because the Ginger Twin was not quite ready.

Gabriel walked us through the brewing process as we wandered through the brewery tasting the barley and smelling the hops.  Undoubtedly, this gave us all a new appreciation for the intricacies of brewing delicious craft beer.  It’s incredible they’re able to brew, bottle and prepare beer for distribution all from their relatively small urban facility. In addition to 12oz bottles, 22oz bottles, growlers and kegs – look for Half Acre 16oz cans coming soon!

A few more shots from the brewery…

The Half Acre tour is free and highly recommended.  For more information, head over to halfacrebeer.com.


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